About KB7NMU

I was first licensed as a novice in 1991 as KB7NMU. I immediately upgraded to Tech+ at the same VE session. In 2005 I finally upgraded to General after the code requirement was dropped to 5WPM, which I had already passed back when I was first licensed. In 2017 I upgraded to Amateur Extra.

I am a member of the Yelm Amateur Radio Group and the ARRL.

I have Auditory Processing Disorder (APD), the result of which is that I have great difficulty with discerning Morse code, or even understanding SSB voice. As a result I mostly work digital modes. Except for the VHF/UHF rigs, none of my radios have microphones attached. The best way I can describe APD is to think of a radio with no filtering and no gain control. Pretty much all auditory signals are constantly feeding into my brain, resulting in receiver overload. Over the years I have gotten better at coping with this, but dealing with static continues to be elusive.

I’m slowly getting more content up here when I can.

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