Elecraft KX2

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Elecraft KX2

This year I sold all of my HF gear (Yaesu FT-817 and FT-450) along with a number of other accessories. I used the money from the sales to purchase an Elecraft KX2. The capabilities of the KX2 match what I want to do with Ham Radio for the next several years. Since I work primarily digital modes, 10 to 80 meters matches what I need since there are no digital allocations on 6 and 160 meters. It also has a higher transmit power than the FT-817 and includes built in PSK31, PSK63, and RTTY. I also put a deposit on the QRPWorks SideKar for computer free digital and logging.

Unfortunately by the time my radios sold, Elecraft no longer had any KX2’s in stock at their booth, but I should receive my new radio in a couple of weeks.



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